International Students

International school placements in England, Wales and Northern ireland

Simple Solutions For Students Ltd offer international school placements for foreign students seeking English education and experience in the UK. We are based in Blackpool.

Short and long term boarding in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Many boarding schools in the UK offer courses for international students who seek to experience the culture of the school while developing their English skills. This gives them the opportunity to attend classes with full-time students of a similar age and participate in school activities. This aids in the improvement of their English skills as well as develop their confidence. We work with many schools to offer you some of the best short term and long term educational experiences available in the UK. Call us today for more information.
English boarding school

Tried and tested learning system

English boarding schools are preferred by most parents for their high quality of English education. You can rest assured that your child will not only develop a fluency in the language but also gain exceptional values that will last a lifetime.
Boarding school placements
language courses

Benefits of the courses

  • Improves English language skills
  • Develops confidence in using English language
  • Increases social participation
  • Forges long-lasting friendships
  • National Curriculum
Guardianship services
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If you are looking for international school placement services, call 
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